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project documentation
A work of Rubin & Cici
Intro Computing Media & Physical Computing
Built With Processing & Kinect
A canvas to draw stars with your imagination
A compose tool that can be use for your passion of music
A musical instrument that share your amazing work with others
That's Note Constellation
Note Constellation was inspires by the movie "Beautiful Mind". In the movie, Nash point to the starry night and created an "umberalla" for his girl friend.
This setting was designed for 2014 ITP Winter Show
skyscreen display
projector cast projection
Kinect motion capture
speaker sound effects
Core Interactions

Note Constellation supports Left hand mode and Right hand modes.

Pointing to the "sky" with your finger and hold it for a second, the "sky" will create a new star for you, then move your hand again to create the next star at different location.

your stars will become a constellation, you can also create multiple constellations.

During your creating constellations, the system will generate tones which relate to your constellation, as you put down your arm, the system will playback the compose you just did during your drawing.
the tone of the chord will be relate to the position of each star and the distance between each star will effect on the durition and sustan.
the height of your drawing hand will change the volume of the chord was created, at the same time, changing the deepth of the star in the sky.

The view starry night was created in 3D, you can walk around to see the constellation from different perspective.
Following technical points were included in this project,
they were roughly concluded into three parts.

-------------------- Software Development ---------------------
1. Add Star and relative effects as an object to ArrayList
2. Create mutiple ArrayList for supporting different constellation
3. Playback sound frequency and sustain Information from ArrayList
4. Copy information to a new ArrayList
5. Reload an ArrayList
6. Creating sound with Note and Chord

--------------------- Phisical Computing ------------------------
7. Kinect human body joints tracking and analyis three dimentional position information
8. Body gesture Design
9. Setting and tweak for performance

-------------------------- Design ---------------------------
10. Visual and Graphic Design for better looking and feeling
11. Sound effects design
12. User testing

*Those works were done during final of ICM and Pcomp class in ITP NYU.
Special Thanks for advising on this project.

Jeff Feddersen
Daniel Rozin
Thomas Igoe
Daniel Shiffman