Rubin Huang | Tech Lead, Design, UX, Network and Fabrication
Marc Abbey | Sound Design and Fabrication
Luke Kao | Help with Fabrication
Our galaxy is a huge object contains enormous amount of stars, planet, gas and dust.

We are mapping projection on fog to rebuild the look and feel of the our Milky Way.
Dimensions2 is a complex system that combines mechanical engineering, fabrications,
net work media, Bluetooth technologies and briliant designs.
System Structure

WebSocket sends input colors >> server via Wifi

Server sends color data >> light source terminal

HTML5 canvas display colors on screen

Fiber optics carries colors into fog

iPad terminal controls the palstance of main gear,
propeller speed and inner pressure via WebSockets

Sending data to circuits
via Serialport & Bluetooth-Low-Energy

Also sending data to WebGL for 3D graphic
rendering, and projected by projector

tap on panels to see details
"3D Galaxy"
An interface designed to display 3D graphics for projection. It's graphics are powered by WebGL and being controled by data from interface 'DJ' on iPad.
The main controller that affacting the efficient of propeller, fan system and main gear. Shown as following: iPad accelerometers >> propeller speed;
slide bars >> fan system(pressure) & main gear(palstance);
buttons >> changing display status and camera position;
light source monitoring.
An Interface that allows user to choose a color for 'fiber optics stars', driven by P5.js touch events and WebGL graphic renderings. It sends data to 'Light Source', the server supports 12x "Guests".
An interface to redirect users when there are already over 12 users on connected by the server. It works with compass on mobile devices and showing the user with a cosmic panoramas.
"Light Source"
A display for lightning fiber optics, controled by multiple users.
Installation Structure
The main structure is made piece by piece with lazer cutted clear acrylics and metal parts. Acrylics were cutted to form an suface and displaying the graphics from a projector. Metal bearings and gears is designed for supporting and pushing this object keep rotating.

Pictures shows some of Dimensions' industrial design drafts and final design.
* Use "w" & "s" keys to control perspective
Air Flow System
ITP Show
3D graphics are modeled in Maya and rendered with WebGL.
Texture were drawed by hands in photoshop.

User Experience
The goal of user experience design behind Dimensions is take everyone with mobile device into interactions, all interfaces run inside of web browsers so there is no need to download or install anything. As all devices connecting the same local server, high speed connection built between clients, server and hardwares.
We even developed a QR code generator, so users would take part in automatically by scan our poster.
Node Server
Special Thanks
Special Thanks for advising on this project.

Shawn Van Every & Thomas Igoe

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